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2014 Budget, Again Ogun Allocates Lion Share to Education


Logo - Ogun StateGovernor Ibikunle Amosun of Ogun State on Tuesday, November 19 presented a proposed budget of N210.21 billion for the 2014 fiscal year; which is N1.57 billion less than last year’s budget.

Presenting the budget at the Assembly Chambers, Abeokuta, Amosun explained that the budget comprised N117.51 billion Capital Expenditure which represents 55.90 percent and N92.70 billion Recurrent expenditure, accounting for the balance of N44.10 per cent.

In the breakdown of the budget, the Education sector was given the highest percentage with N43.99 billion, equivalent to 20.93 per cent.

The health sector was allotted N21.11 billion while Agriculture has N10.52 billion, which is 5.01 per cent of the budget.

Housing and Urban Renewal got N26.74 billion, equal to 12.72 per cent; Rural and Infrastructural Development and Employment Generation was assigned N34.6 billion, which amounts to 16.49 per cent.

Governor Amosun, however, said: “Overhead cost is too high, but despite that, we are not going to sack our teachers. We have as at today, awarded 1,500 classrooms and we will continue to demolish the old structures and construct new ones. Some people will go and take picture of some dilapidated structures in our schools and post them on a social network, that, this school is in Ogun State, they should continue with that. What is on ground is not what we can correct in just 2 or 3 or 4 years, but we will get there one day.”

As a stakeholder in the Olokola Trade zone, Amosun said his administration would continue to drive development in this critical project and assured that the government would commence the development of the zone with the provision of infrastructure “as we expect the initial group of tenants to commence formal development of their sites”.

Source: Daily Times (Nigeria)

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