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FG Launches New School Curriculum


The federal government has launched a new curriculum known as the new basic education curriculum for primary and junior secondary schools.

The new curriculum is said to address amongst other things, issues of value re- orientation, poverty eradication, critical thinking, entrepreneurship and life skills.

The Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC) is responsible for the compilation and completion of curriculum used as a guide to qualitative education in both primary and secondary schools.

The National Council on Education (NCE) has already approved the curriculum and plans are in high gear to produce the curriculum in mass for immediate use in schools.

The executive secretary of the NERDC, Professor Godswill Obioma presenting the new curriculum to other stakeholders in the education sector at the Education Resource Centre,Abuja said the new curriculum seeks to correct the abnormalities of the former one which was lacking in the areas of human capacity development.

Professor Obioma sensitising teachers on the advantages and effectiveness of the new basic education curriculum said it allows and gives opportunity for the students to be taught skills and educate them on the need to appreciate their culture.

He added that if teachers adequately implement the curriculum then students would be able to interact very well, which would sensitise the environment and promote peace and development in the country.

A feature of the new curriculum is the phasing out of primary science and integrated science for what is now known as Basic Science and Technology, which according to the Obioma prepares a child adequately for the higher studies by providing a solid foundation on which to build upon.

He said that Information Communication Technology (ICT) has been introduced into the primary school curriculum, alongside culture and creative art all to build the child for the hazards of the future.

In an interview with Daily Trust, Obioma said they intend to implement the curriculum on a piece meal basis, to allow for proper planning and self development. He said, “we would start from primary one and gradually phase out the old primary school curriculum, we also start with JSS 1 and phase out that of the junior secondary school.

“The curriculum has two component, the primary and junior secondary curriculum, that was the initial plans by the council on education last year , but now we have done an advocacy nation- wide on the curriculum, and they all agree that the curriculum be introduced from primary one and then taken up gradually.”

Source: Daily Trust, Friday, 9th November 2007

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