Iganmode Grammar School Wins Cowbell Mathematics Competition

Cowbell Mathematics CompetitionIganmode Grammar School, Ojuore, Ota, Ogun State made history last Thursday as they emerged winners of the 2013 Cowbell National Secondary Schools Mathematics Competition (NASSMAC) for the third year running and a record sixth time.

The school also won the Benson Oweka Memorial Prize of higher education exercise books and pens for all its students for its consistent outstanding performance average over a three-year period spanning 2011 to 2013. The prize was instituted in memory of late Benson Oweka, the Brand Manager of Cowbell Milk who died 11 years ago in a plane crash in Kano.

Coming first with 94 per cent in the senior category was Master Akindele Oyedele, an SS2 student of Iganmode Grammar School, who went home with N300,000 and a laptop. Also, his schools gets five desktop computers and a printer and cash award for HIS teacher.

However, Oyedele is disappointed that a school that had brought so much fame and recognition to Ogun state and the country as a whole, lacks even the basic infrastructure, necessary to promote effective teaching and learning.

Despite the awards, money, gifts and fame that accrued to him and his school, Oyedele said: “I feel very sad whenever I see the condition of my school. There are no windows, no doors and very little furniture in the classrooms. My school is not very good in terms of infrastructure, so I want to appeal to the state government that there should be improvement in teachers’ welfare, classrooms and the school environment.”

Oyedele, who wants to study Mechanical Engineering, said being a winner has not only brought him fortune but is also a motivation to work harder. He attributed his success to God and his teacher, Mr Hakeem Atinsola, who coached him personally for the competition. “I want to thank my teacher a million times for his commitment and dedication,” he said. “Without him and God, nothing would have been possible. My advice to other students is that they should work hard. You cannot excel in something you hate, so the first step to understanding mathematics is to try and like the subject.”


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