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Jonathan Calls For Compulsory Sports Ground In Schools


PRESIDENT Goodluck Jonathan has asked the Ministry of Education to ensure that new primary and secondary schools without plans for sports grounds are not accredited in the interest of sports development in the country.

Speaking in Abuja in a stakeholders’ forum titled:  “Harnessing the potential of Nigeria sports sector from playground to podium,”  President Jonathan decried a situation where storey buildings without any space are being converted to schools in many high density areas in the country.

“This must stop, as such a situation would make it impossible to discover talents at young ages.

For any place to be called a primary or a secondary school, it must have at least a field or a pitch where students could engage in exercise and sports.

“I expect the Minister of Education to discuss with the Commissioners of Education in the States. There is a need for us to review the criteria for approving primary and secondary school. Because, taking our children to these choked areas where they cannot even have a yard that they will practise running throughout their primary and secondary school career is not the best.”

The President said that government would consider a review of some existing laws for sustainable development of sports.

Source: Nigerian Tribune

June 14, 2013 |

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