Obasanjo Library to Train Pupils on Security

Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library

Coordinator of the Centre for Human Security, Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library, Prof. Peter Okebukola, has said that secondary school

pupils will be trained on human security challenges facing Africa.

Okebukola disclosed this in Abeokuta on Tuesday during the maiden edition of the “African Regional inter-Collegiate Debate on Human Security”, organised for selected secondary schools across the continent.

He stressed that the centre was poised to contribute its quota towards ensuring human security on the continent.

According to the CHS director, African countries, including Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Namibia, Togo and Liberia, will participate in the contest.
Okebukola said the debate was put in place to enable the younger ones proffer solutions to some of the human security challenges confronting Africans.

He also disclosed that the suggestions received from the pupils would be forwarded to the African Union and individual countries for necessary implementation.

“Human security is topical and it’s not being limited to being secured by policemen. Human security has to do food security.

When you are being well fed, you are secured. When you are in a good state of health; when you have education, you are secure. When your environment is conducive, you are secure.  Human security is a spectrum.

“We want our youths to be able to look at the challenges confronting Africa in the area of human security. We want to give suggestions as to how these challenges can be tackled. So, from the minds  of the youths, we can get very exciting and sustainable solutions.

“At the end of this debate, we are sure that we will be able to harvest a very rich stock of solutions to the issue of human security challenges facing Africa today. When we have these suggestions, the Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library Centre for Human Security will then use them to develop its programmes and projects for the coming year.

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