The Channels Book Club Prize for Literature – Teenager’s Episode

The Channels Books Club presents The Channels Book Club Prize for Literature (teenagers’ episode): A national book review and essay competition for teenagers in Nigerian Secondary Schools who are not older than 19 years old.

Entry Criteria/Procedure

  1. Candidates must be bona fide students of any Nigerian secondary school.
  2. Candidates must enrol online, download and fill an entry form for the competition from Channels Website.
  3. Candidates must send by email the following:
    • The filled entry form (in b above)
    • An essay, reviewing the selected novel, in not more than 1500 words.
    • A scanned copy of a recent passport photograph
    • A scanned copy of the candidate’s last school academic report or score sheet in the last academic year.
  4. The above requirements should be sent by email to on or before 25thof August, 2013

NOTE: All entries will be validated by an independent panel of judges. Only candidates who qualify should apply. Candidates must ensure the essays are their own original works.

Competition Process

  1. Candidates should read Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart
  2. Candidates should write an essay that is not longer than 1,500 words to review the book.  The essay should not have more than 10 references.
  3. The submitted essay must have: a title; the candidate’s full name; and the candidate’s contact number. The essay must be properly formatted.
  4. By entering the competition, candidates agree to transfer the copyright of the submitted essay to Channels Television giving the station the right to reproduce, distribute and broadcast the essay in printed, electronic or any other medium, and in turn to authorise others to do the same. Channels Television will also have the right to edit the essays as deemed appropriate for publishing.
  5. Candidates must ensure that the essay is his or her original work. If it contains material such as previously published works, the material must be clearly identified and acknowledged within the text. Candidates must not engage in plagiarism.
  6. Channels Television will reserve the right to withhold the prizes if the standard of the essays submitted is not of sufficient merit.
  7. The 10 best candidates in stage one (the reading and review stage) will be invited to discuss their work before a panel of judges and the winner of the competition will be picked from amongst them.


  • The competition will be supervised by a 3 member panel of judges. The judges will be experts and active participants in the literary industry in Nigeria.
  • Their task will be to assess the quality of the essays submitted and the writers of the essays.
  • They will also serve as umpires to ensure that the rules of the competition are adhered to.



  • A sponsored trip to the 2013 Frankfurt Book Fair in Frankfurt, Germany
  • N50,000 worth of books

Second prize 

  • A sponsored trip to the Ake Arts and Book Festival in Abeokuta, Ogun State
  • N50,000 worth of books

Third prize 

  • N50,000 worth of books


  1. Lufthansa German Airline
  2. Laterna Books
  3. Goethe Institut


Source: Channels Television Website

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