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Gems From WAEC Online – eLearning Toolkit


West African Examination Council (WAEC)The West African Examination Council (WAEC) has gone a long  after her establishment in 1952. The body should be commended for employing technological advancement in fulfilling her mandate. Students now register for WAEC Examinations and check their result online.

It that all?

I stumbled on a resource by WAEC that is not as popular but provides very significant leverage for any student that explores it. I’m referring to the WAEC eLearning Toolkit

Have you heard of it before?

It a resource provided by WAEC to assist students understand the required standards expected in the final Examination on each subject.

According to WAEC:

The primary aim of the initiative is to equip students for better performance in Future examinations. Students performances on previous exams are analysed with the secondary aim of detecting the weaknesses and profer a solution for all stakeholders concerned with Senior Secondary School Examinations.

For each subject, candidates’ performance assessment by the Chief Examiner in 8 past examinations spanning 4 years is reviewed. The result is presented under the following categories: General Comment, Performance, Weaknesses, Strength and Observation to respective Questions.

What are you waiting for, explore the WAEC eLearning Toolkit

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